Two Trains

This is part of the 5xFat series. The 5xFat series is a collection of musically inspired writing. I listen to one selected music creation by DJX on repeat while I write until I have some semblance of a finished piece. DJX posts a new creation each day so you can check out his YouTube page daily for more beats; I’m not that efficient so check back here often for new works. Feel free to be inspired by the music or words and do your own thing. We would love for you to share your creations with us in the comments here or DJX’s YouTube page.

This piece is intended for both beats. Listen in any order.

Two trains
move at different speeds.

The first barrels down the track.
It hopes nothing stands in its way. 
It hopes to avoid the inevitable destruction
it will cause.
The precious cargo it carries
is hope.

The second is cautious.
It moves slowly as to not wake the sleepy dreamers
in their cozy beds,
moonlight smeared across their faces.
But the train is old.
It rattles;
it shakes the dreamers awake.
The hazardous cargo it carries
is fear.

Two trains
or is it one?

A look to one side
and you are lost
in open wilderness.
Mountains backdrop meadows
of wildflowers
and peaceful beasts.

The view across the train
displays towering cityscapes
and pressing concrete walls
with frantic, hasty graffiti
you cannot read.

Two trains
conducting your mind.

Image by Ein Kaffee from Pixabay

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