Accordion Streets

This is part of the 5xFat series. The 5xFat series is a collection of musically inspired writing. I listen to one selected music creation by DJX on repeat while I write until I have some semblance of a finished piece. DJX posts a new creation each day so you can check out his YouTube page daily for more beats; I’m not that efficient so check back here often for new works. Feel free to be inspired by the music or words and do your own thing. We would love for you to share your creations with us in the comments here or DJX’s YouTube page.

I walk the same lonely streets
on loop.
Silent canvas shoes 
soften concrete.
The people here
are placeholders of time
occupying present memories
without feeling;
without a destination.

I walk the same lonely streets;
the accordion streets.
They stretch thin–
I cross with one
G    I    A    N    T       S    T    E    P
They grow wide–
| c |     | b |     | b |
| a |     | u |     | i |
| r |     | s |     | k |
| s |     | e |     | e |
|    |     | s |     | s |
They gush and ripple–
I’m            hop-            -ping
r     ing t    e                   e riv
   id         h     fl         f th        e
                          ow o                 r

I walk the same lonely streets
until I                        stumble;
until I sink beneath concrete;
until my lungs fill with stone;
until I pull myself up;
until I purge dust and sand from my being;
until I reach my destination. 

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

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