If You Are

This is part of the 5xFat series. The 5xFat series is a collection of musically inspired writing. I listen to one selected music creation by DJX on repeat while I write until I have some semblance of a finished piece. DJX posts a new creation each day so you can check out his YouTube page daily for more beats; I’m not that efficient so check back here often for new works. Feel free to be inspired by the music or words and do your own thing. We would love for you to share your creations with us in the comments here or DJX’s YouTube page.

You plant your feet on the ground. You tilt your chin up, adjusting the angle of your face to better absorb the sunlight. You feel the gentle breeze caress your cheeks. You smile.

The breeze grows stronger and with it, your smile wider. You hold the arm straps of your pack tight. You start to feel a soft pull at your back at first. The force tightens. You can no longer resist; you can no longer remain stationary.

You are pulled backwards. Your feet slowly scrape along the dirt and gravel. You do not panic. You continue to grip your arm straps and smile, eyes closed and your eyelids sopping up sunlight.

The ropes are fully taught. You don’t need to check them. The force of their pull replaces gravity. The wind takes over, opening the parachute and hauling you into the sky. 

There is no more ground beneath your feet.

You rise above the earth. You open your eyes but you don’t look down. You scan the heavens. You smile wider.

You float. The wind pushes. Your parachute ascends. You are a dandelion seed, if you are anything anymore.

You reach your destination. The parachute descends like a feather to your feet. You smile your biggest smile. You grab the ropes of your parachute and slowly, carefully, pull it towards you. You fold it neatly and gently place it in your pack.

You cannot remove the backpack. The arm straps will always be there. The parachute is at your back, if you wish to use it.

But you won’t.

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

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